Deacons are men selected by our congregation based on the qualifications set
forth in the scriptures (1 Timothy 3:8-13) to minister as special servants.

Deacons serve under the leadership of the shepherds.

Eric Bierman -- (325) 597- 1365
Benevolence (Local/Special)   
Equipment/Vehicles (Maintenance)
Facilities (Maintenance-Inside/Outside)
Finance (Banking/Bookkeeping/Budgeting/Reporting/Insurance)
Food Pantry

Robert Duus -- (325) 597- 1365
Facilities (Maintenance-Inside/Outside)
Youth (Teens/Children)
TLC Groups

Leston Fields -- (325) 597- 1365
Outreach (Local-Meetings/Local Media/Visitation)
Fellowship (Luncheons/Funerals/Showers)
Facilities (Maintenance-Inside/Outside)
Communion (For Shut-Ins)
Assemblies (Assignments/Themes)  
Marquee (Monthly)  
TLC Groups

Cole Holubec -- (325) 597-1365
Youth (Teens/Children)  
TLC Groups
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