Heart of Texas Bible Camp
Be sure to read the "Rules" and "What To Bring To Camp" on the camp application. Bring a completed Medical Information Form with you to registration. See you in June! ...     
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2021 Heart of Texas Bible Camp

June 6-11 -- Grades 4th-7th
Director - Virgil Webb
Sunset Ridge Church of Christ, Brady, Texas

June 13-18 -- Grades 8th-12th
Director - Robert Baugh; Spiritual Life Minister, Cherokee Home for
Children, Cherokee, Texas
Director - Dale Sheehy; Youth Minister, Lake Shore Church of
Christ, Waco, Texas
Memorials to the Heart of Texas Bible Camp:

  • Make your check out to the Heart of Texas Bible Camp. Do not make it out to Sunset Ridge Church of Christ..

  • If the memorial is for someone outside of the church, please send the address of that person for the card.
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