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Four Principles For Disciple Making


 Mark 6: 7-13

This morning we come back to this passage here in Mark 6 and I say “come back to” because last week we began with this passage and then we went to Matthew 28: 18-20 and I talked to you about our God given assignment or mission as disciples…to “make disciples”….

So, last week we looked at what our mission is…and this week we are going to learn some more about “making disciples from what Jesus told His disciples.”

The first thing I want you to notice is THE PRINCIPLE OF COMPANIONSHIP.

And notice He sends them out in twos.

I think there are a couple of reasons.

But another reason for sending them out in twos and perhaps the most important was “to encourage one another.”

And  that is true.

Another thing, when you go in pairs, accusations are easily defeated.

As a body of disciples who are to be about making disciples, we would do well to remember the principle of companionship.

Second thing I want you to notice when it comes to disciple making is THE PRINCIPLES OF COMMUNICATION.

Look at verse 8. Notice what Jesus told them to take. He instructed them that they should “take nothing for their journey, except a mere staff; no bread, no bag, no money in their belt; but to wear sandals; and He added, “Do not wear two tunics.”

 Why did Jesus give them these kinds of instructions?

There are two or three reasons.

Now the next two reasons are more important…and they both have to do with the message that they were communicating.

These men are going out to preach a message of faith.

And what we need to understand is “if we are going to teach people about faith….then we need to have faith ourselves.”

Another thing, when Jesus told them to “take nothing with you”, when they entered into a town it communicated “commitment.”

But it is real commitment when you do it and they don’t give you anything.

If we are going to make disciples we too are going to have to be “committed.”

Unfortunately today, we sometimes can’t make disciples because we might have to give up a little TV….or a little sports…or lose a little sleep.

And another thing.

When you go out here and talk to people about Christ, do you know what their first reaction often is?

But when you go with out receiving anything in return, then that tells them that you have no hidden agenda….that your motives were sincere…and the message you left them was all the reward you needed.

As disciples of Christ we would do well to learn the “principle of communication.

Another thing we need to learn about making disciples is THE PRINCIPLE OF BOLDNESS.

And look at the message. Look at verse 12.

Now some of us don’t like that word do we?

So today, instead of saying “repent” we would rather say “you need to make some changes”….”you need to do some things different.”

These disciples went out and preached “repentance.”

Let me tell you, sin is a horrible thing.  It destroys, it corrupts…and it devastates.

And we do no one any good at all by “watering it down.”

These disciples preached “repentance.”

Is it going to be popular message?

Now look down at verse 30.  As we go out to make disciples we need to understand the PRINCIPLE OF ACCOUNTABILITY.

 In verse 30 the disciples come back and report to Jesus all that they had done and taught.  Think about this a minute.

What would you have to say to Jesus today? If you had to report to him on all that you have done or taught in the way of making disciples, what would you say?

I believe that someday we will all report to Jesus about how faithful we have been in fulfilling the commission He has given us.

As disciples…we are to “go and make disciples for Christ.”

That is why we need to remember the principle of encouragement; the principle of communication; the principle of boldness; and the principle of accountability.

Let’s all commit today to “go, some how or some way,  and “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit…teaching them to observe all that He has commanded.”