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The Twos


Matthew 7:13-14


 As __________ read the passage did you notice all the sets of two?

And now here in Matthew 7:13-14 there are 4 sets of two: the narrow gate and the wide gate; the broad way and the narrow way; two destinations, destruction and life; and two groups of people; the many and the few.

Now, there are a couple of things that Jesus is doing with all these sets of twos…one thing He is doing is He is making contrasts.

But then the second thing that Jesus is doing with all these sets of 2 is presenting us with the stark reality of things.


But what Jesus does with all of these sets of 2 is He brings us to the stark reality that when it comes to righteousness…and treasures…and ambitions…and masters…and gates…and ways…and destinations…and groups of people…there are only 2 choices.

Let’s look at verse 13 and 14….and let me tell you, as we go through this it is “gut check” time!

Look at verse 13…notice first of all the TWO WAYS.

But the “narrow way” on the other hand is hard.

And its narrowness is due to something called “divine revelation”, which restricts travelers to the confines of what God has revealed in Scripture to be true and good.

So, those are the TWO WAYS…one broad…the other narrow; one easy that faces no resistance and  allows anything…and one that is hard that lives in the confines of the word of God…one that follows the world…and one that follows Christ.

Second, notice the two gates.

But the gate leading to the hard way is small.

And In order to enter it you must leave everything behind…sin, selfish ambition, covetousness…even if necessary family and friends.

Then there are two destinations.

By contrast, the hard way, entered by the narrow gate, leads to life…a life so glorious, so wonderful that human words cannot fully describe it.

 And then there are the two crowds or two groups of people.

Then there are the few.

So, there it is. Jesus has clearly laid it out for us. It is your choice.

The good…and the bad of all of this is you can change roads, destinations, and crowds at any time.