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Problems Problems Problems


 James 1: 2-8; 12-15

I would like to begin by asking you to look at verse 2 again.

 Notice James says, “When” and not “if” you encounter various trials.

Listen, things are going to happen! Trials, tribulations, heartaches, disappointments, frustrations, and tragedies are going to happen.

Does that mean that God doesn’t care…or that God is unfair…or that you have done something wrong and God is punishing you?

And in many ways we ought to be glad that things happen to these bodies to make them die.

Another reason trials and tribulations come up is people. Look at verse 1 again.

Other people can cause us to suffer trials and tribulations.

And things are going to happen because of sin.

You see, trials…tribulations…are a part of living.

So, what do you do when you are faced with these trials…these tests of your faith.

And don’t forget that. In vs. 2, James calls them “trials.” Look at verse 12 and 13.

And what we need to realize is…with every trial…comes a temptation…and with every temptation comes a trial.

So, what do you do when you are faced with trials…or temptations? How do you over come them? How do you turn your trials into victory instead of defeat?

Well, look at verse 2 again. James says: “Consider it all joy…when you encounter various trials…”

 Now verse 3: “knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.”

 Whether your trials become temptations which cause you to fall…or tests which results in  victory…depends on how you see that trial or temptation in your mind.

Mentally, see your trials…as a cause for joy.

Don’t look at your problems the way others who are in the world look at their problems.

Your trials…test or prove your faith…as being genuine and that genuineness produces  endurance…or steadfastness.

And in verse 4, when you let steadfastness have its complete result…

Whether a trial or a test defeats you or results in a victory for you…all depends on how you see that trial or test.

Now, when you encounter trials or temptations that test or prove your faith, it can be difficult to know what decisions to make.

In a time of trial wisdom is critical.

 5          But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

 No one can overestimate the value of prayer in the face of trials.

So where does this wisdom come from? How does God give it to you.

I don’t know all the ways that God bestows wisdom upon us.

But there is one way I know he gives us wisdom for sure.

But now, notice verse 6. James says when you ask, “ask in faith without doubting.”

Why? Because in verse 8, he is a “double minded man.”

The man who cries for wisdom in a time of trial…who is a double minded individual…who doubts that God’s wisdom is the answer…will receive no wisdom from God.

So, how do you turn your trials or temptations into victory instead of defeat?

If you will do that, notice the results in verse 12:

 12        Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life, which {the Lord} has promised to those who love Him.